The World

The World of 小弟的机器人 (THE BOY AND HIS ROBOT)

The story of Recruit Kai and his Robot is set in a world where humans have colonized Mars and its wealth of natural resources.
Many of Earth’s top brains and leaders were sent to Mars to develop the planet.
However, in time, the leaders on Mars turned totalitarian, while seeking to attack and take control of the people on Earth.
For Earth holds ransom a precious resource that the mineral rich Mars does not have- Water.
Now at war, the people on Earth have to defend their freedom with skillful strategies for war, especially when they have less advanced weapons than the forces of Mars.


Both Earth and Mars forces employ elaborate Mecha (robots and machines) for their battles.
Although the Mecha Robots have artificial intelligence of their own, they are piloted by humans in the Mecha Corps Earth/Mars who will be their “brains” in strategic combat.
On the ground, other battalions of soldiers, powered by Exo-skeleton suits do battle alongside the Mecha Corps.
Earth is left at a disadvantaged position as their Mecha aren’t able to sustain long flights into space. And advancements are slow as the best engineers and scientists are trapped on Mars.
On the other hand, the Mars Mecha are created with materials from Mars that are much stronger, and able to withstand great heat. Entering the Earth’s atmosphere, and flying from Mars to Earth in 3 days are of little issue to these slick powerful machines.
Earth is left in a frustrating position of only being only able to defend themselves, and not be on the offensive. Despite repeated petitions to the Earth leadership for continued development of the Mecha Corps Earth, the leadership seemed to have other priorities in seeking to mine asteroids and colonize other resource-rich planets.


It is in these difficult times, that our story of friendship between Kai and his Robot unfolds.
The world may be a mess and everything is out of their hands, but things are much bearable when you have a friend.

Production Partners

  • iPiSoft
  • Act-3D B.V.
  • ISP
  • Muse
  • Technicolor
  • OctaneRender
  • Otoy
  • Sony
  • Nvidia
  • Multi-plAtform Game Innovation Centre (MAGIC) at Nanyang Technological University
  • Richmanclub Studios