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About Other Partners
There are other partners dedicating their time and efforts towards making "The Boy and His Robot" a reality before audiences.

This section highlights these partners and their contributions to the entire film project.

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Edwin Choy- Video Production Diaries Producer
Edwin-Choy-Video-DiariesFor "The Boy and His Robot", Edwin Choy, will be producing and capturing the behind-the-scenes of the movie making process in the "Production Diaries", "Videos" section.
Take a look at the off-screen processes to making the movie, through Edwin's eyes.

Edwin is an imaginative young adult who is said to have the mental age of a 15 year old.
A graduate from Ngee Ann Poly's DVFX, Edwin has since experienced the whole film making process from Pre-production to Post in the various jobs he has had. Through them, hehas come to realize the importance and the love of Story.

When Edwin isn't working or practicing story crafting, he can usually be found either gaming, reading, scouring the web for awesome videos or eating.
Edwin LOVES hedgehogs and laments exercising but does it so he can keep eating.
Kai Yang- Public Relations Manager
KristosCommunicationsFor "The Boy and His Robot", Kai Yang, from Kristos Communications, will be planning, coordinating, and executing all Public Relations activities between Richmanclub Studios, all partners, press, and public.


About Kristos Communications

The film, media and entertainment industry has been steadily growing in Singapore due to a rise in interest and affluence among the population, and the great support given by the government. With foresight of this growth, Kristos Communications is pioneering strategic communications and public relations consultancies to specialize in this upcoming niche area.

Kristos Communications is proficient in creating and protecting brand and project image through traditional, new and social media.

  • Traditional media: Building credibility through selected print and online publications.

  • New Media: Demonstrate creative message creation through the wide range of content on the Internet.

  • Social Media: Building relationships and open communications with stakeholders.

Believes in three values in communicating:
1) Creative communications to capture an audience interest;
2) Honest communications to build trust;
3) Regular two-way communications to develop relationships.

Staff in Kristos Communications have also built their experience in other industries such as lifestyle, cooperate and healthcare communications.

For more information you may contact:

Chong Kai Yang
Account Manager – Film, Media & Entertainment
Or visit
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