The Director

Rich Ho had spent his life in mainstream education being infamous.

When he was 3, he decided during a family tour to Taiwan to run up a national monument by himself and recite a Chinese poem to the panting tour group who had chased after him.

When he was 11, the teacher said to build a village hut for their history project, and while the other kids bought ice-cream sticks and glue, he ordered timber and concrete. (He never managed to build it, his parents found out a week after the goods were delivered).

When he was 13, while other kids made transparencies for an analytical skills presentation, he transformed the class into an airline and staged a hijacking (featuring explosions from gunpowder scratched out from small fire crackers, a crackling gunpower filled revolver, and a boy being thrown out of the plane…by jumping out of the classroom window in “fear” onto a ledge outside the building). The lady teacher (who was unaware of the ledge outside) screamed and kids from other classes rushed over to watch.

He started to take basic piano lessons at the grand old age of 13. The teacher declared him hopeless. He quit after a term of lessons. One night, he looked up towards the skies, and prayed that he might know how to play and write music. In the days that followed, he could suddenly play the piano by ear, and many other instruments that he came into contact with. He began to “hear” music around him, and began to write music with his own music shorthand.

When he was 14, he joined a TV music composition competition. He was asked by the judges, “What kind of music do you usually listen to?” and he replied, “My own.” The judges laughed before they realized that he wasn’t joking. He was the youngest participant and in a later competition, the youngest award winner in its history.

When he was 19, he received his first film commission and the name Richmanclub Studios was born.

When he was about to graduate as a pioneer from the Singapore Management University, he took the chance to incorporate Richmanclub Studios Pte Ltd, and secured a tender to produce a film for their first ever graduation ceremony. Instead of the usual graduation video, he proposed to create the massive short film, “The Alien Invasion” that pays tribute to B-grade movies. And took the chance to blow up his school, and turned the many people into heroes for a day. Later, Rich and the short film, would be the first Singaporeans to be nominated for the “Chinese Oscars” The Golden Horse Awards in their International Digital Short Films Competition.

Now Rich seems like a completely normal person in our world… well almost. A reporter once asked him about one of his movies, “How did you learn to do all the special effects?”
Rich replied, “I pray.” The reporter laughed before she realized that he wasn’t joking.
“Does it work?” She asked him.
“Every time.” He assured her.

After taking a sabbatical from the film industry in 2007, Rich returns to movie making again in 2013, with a story with a story and genre close to his heart, “The Boy and His Robot”.

RichHoDirPic02Rich Ho is a Golden Horse Awards nominee, an award winning film director/producer and music composer.
With nearly 20 years of film and music experience in over 30 different film productions that range from feature films, short films, to documentaries, he enjoys all aspects of making films, from scriptwriting, directing, to music and visual effects creation. Rich has been honing his creative and technical skills to make films that are both artistic and commercially entertaining.
In 2004, he became the 1st Singaporean to be nominated for the “Chinese Oscars” Taipei Golden Horse Awards for “Best International Digital Short Film”. And in 2006, he became the 1st Singaporean to be awarded a “Gold Award for Digital Art” in the Asia-Pacific wide ACMSIGGRAPH ComGraph which honors achievements in computer graphics artistry. With a distinct flair in Asia for producing and directing films heavy in fantasy and visual effects, his efforts were awarded with a “Special Technical Achievement Award” in the 2003 Hive Film Festival.
The films that he directed and/or composed the music have not only been nominated for the Golden Horse Awards, but also been awarded and featured at leading international film festivals across Asia, America, and Europe.
Rich Ho, with his production company, Richmanclub Studios Pte Ltd, will be directing and producing the technologically ground breaking short movie, “The Boy and His Robot”.

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