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Richmanclub Studios Pte Ltd

Founded by Rich Ho Kok Tai, Richmanclub Studios was registered and incorporated in Singapore on the 6th June 2004 as a motion pictures production company.

Richmanclub Studios’ first official production was the short film, “The Alien Invasion” in 2004, which involved a massive cast of over 80.
“The Alien Invasion” has been shown around the world, including being the first Singaporean film to be nominated for the “Chinese Oscar”, The Golden Horse Awards 2004 for “Best International Digital Short Film”.
Other awards that the studio had picked up along our journey were a “Special Technical Achievement Award” (Hive Film Festival), “Audience Favorite” (Substation First Take) and being the first Singaporean to receive an Asia-Pacific wide “Gold Award-Digital Art” (ACMSIGGRAPH ComGraph).
Richmanclub Studios was also an early adopter of online film distribution. In May 2006, the studios started building our online theater and community, with the aim of sharing our short films and future online entertainment series with audiences worldwide. The world’s first full-scale Digital Launch of “The Alien Invasion” has also successfully garnered viewership from over hundreds of thousands through online streaming, and all major digital devices, gaining industry recognition for this innovative means of film distribution.

In 2011, Richmanclub Studios launched 2 additional departments.
Richopus Music was established in 2011 to offer music production services, and have since provided music production, composition, arrangement and performance to many feature films, short films, commercials etc.
IVI VFX was setup to provide post production services, and provided workflow management, visual effects and color grading services to various projects.
The experiences from these 2 departments helped to create and refine a “new” lean pre to post production work-flow.

And thus in fall 2012, the preparations for “The Boy and His Robot” began, with the aim of telling an intimate story of friendship in massive proportions, and hoping to discover a new movie production process for a new age of movie making.

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