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Production Partners
Act-3D B.V.
Multi-plAtform Game Innovation Centre (MAGIC) at Nanyang Technological University
Richmanclub Studios

the beeeey aeeend his robotHome Page of The Boy and His Robot, a short movie produced by Richmanclub Studios Pte Ltd. With production partners MAGIC from NTU, NVIDIA, Sony, OTOY, OctaneRender. A 2013-2014 production. Produced and Directed by Rich Ho. A world’s first GPU rendered short movie.小弟的机器人 (THE BOY AND HIS ROBOT) is set in a futuristic world where humans on Earth and Mars are in constant battle for limited resources.War erupted when the leaders on Mars decided to exert totalitarian control over everyone.Recruit Kai, is an unassuming, soft-spoken, 19 year old recruit who unwittingly aced his selection examinations into the army’s elite force,the Mecha Corps-Earth.Along with his fighter robot, he is unceremoniously nicknamed “little boy”. As he struggles to keep up and fit in with his fellow trainees,Kai’s desire and frustration to prove himself pushes him to discover his true abilities and a special friendship with his robot.“The Boy And His Robot” is a fast-paced science-fiction action adventure,filled with epic robot battles,centered on an intimate story about friendship and sacrifice.“小弟的机器人(The Boy and His Robot)” is an experimental journey of movie making both on-screen storytelling, and off-screen story-making.Employing the power of new technology, fueled by the latest developments in graphics processing units(GPUs), we hope to discover a new film production process that will free artists to create with less compromise.This journey would not have been possible without the dedication and spirit of adventure from the fellowship of production partners, artist partners, and other partners.“小弟的机器人 (The Boy and His Robot)” aims to break new ground in independent film making both on-screen and off-screen.On-screen, the short film seeks to present the extraordinary world of the Mecha in live-action, centered upon a story of friendship.Off-screen, the production aspires to bring this Mecha world to life using the latest affordable groundbreaking technologies available to artists,and introducing a new GPU(Graphics Processing Unit)-based production workflow. The Boy and His Robot website
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